Before brutalizing metal to sculpt his bestiary, nightmarish machines and humanoids, Ange Felix was reparing bodies that life had mistreated. Physical therapist before becoming a sculptor, his hands kept the memory of bone structure, muscles, posture, and movement.

After practicing in the South of France, Ange Felix came back beginning 2000 to his native island of Corsica. From the little village of Altagène, where he settles with his family, he roams the Alta Rocca to visit his patients.

It is in their garage and cellar that Ange Felix discovers and repurposes all matter of old agricultural or mechanical tools. These will become the unexpected material for his realistic, often humorous and sometimes amusingly outrageous sculptures of steel and fire, fed by an insatiable curiosity.

Karin Osswald

"‌Animated bestiary, dreamlike and ironical creatures and machines derived from the blending of old tools, recycled materials, but also from soldered iron and a few sparkles…"